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Welcome to Green Leaf Dental Care. My name is Nathan Suter and a Jefferson County native. I was raised in Hillsboro, MO and met my wife Cayla at Seckman High School. After working at COMTREA for 6 years, I started my practice here with Dr. Bruce Collignon in fall of 2017. Dr. Bruce Colligon and his wife, Jane Colligon, RDH have been proudly serving  Jefferson County for over 42 years. Dr. Collignon has recently retired and I have been working with him closely as I transition into the practice.

I am excited to be deliver your oral healthcare and I am honored that the Collignons' reached out to me for this wonderful opportunity. Since I started at the practice I have invested in new and exciting things have been happening at the dental office.We have new technology to modernize the practice, such as electronic records, digital x-rays, new dental chairs, and this website. I am also excited to bring new services such as in-house root canals, nitrous oxide, more oral surgery options, implant crowns, and teledentistry. By adding these services, I hope to allow you a convenient way to schedule appointments. We have also launched a new membership program for our patients that don’t have insurance which will allow you to maintain your regular checkups and save you money. I hope after reading this you will reach out to Lisa so that I can get to know you.


Nathan W. Suter, DDS 


Located on Highway 30

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Our new logo design.

Our new logo design.

What’s in a name?

As many of you have already found out the dental office has new name. It has been more common among dentists in recent years to give a unique name to a dental practice. I took this opportunity to choose a name that would mean something to me, my staff, and to my patients. Green Leaf is a reference to my time working for COMTREA and the time I spent building a dental clinic in our community for the under-served. COMTREA is the community health center for the most vulnerable people in our community and their logo is a tree. The green leaf is a symbol of me leaving COMTREA and starting a practice of my own. I take a lot of pride in the work I have done at COMTREA. Many of you know a person or family member that has gotten the help they have needed whether it was for a tooth extraction or help with a drug addiction. Lisa, Maureen and I will be building upon that level of care and compassion for you and your family members. That’s why our motto is “Helping our Community Smile.” We can help do that by offering you and your family high quality dental care like the care you have received from Dr. Collignon and Jane for all of these years. The second reason we are Green Leaf is to symbolize the growth and attention I am putting into this practice. I look forward to serving you and your family as we help each of you smile.


Dr. Suter and Dr. Collignon in the Leader

On July 19, 2018 Dr. Collignon and Dr. Suter were featured in the County in the “Leader” publication. Tracy Bruce wrote two great stories. One story focused on Dr. Collignon, his retirement, and his wonderful service over the years. The other story was about Dr. Suter purchasing the practice from Dr. Collignon and his time serving as COMTREA’s Oral Health Director.


Dr. Suter has had a busy year in 2018 with the purchase of the dental practice and the welcoming of Lena his daughter. Cayla and Dr. Suter met in high school at Seckman and they have three children. Clark, Haddie, and Lena.


A Commitment To Dentistry

The following are related links or articles showcasing the hard work of the Green Leaf Dental Care team.


Dr. Suter NPR School Based Dental Clinic Story

The school partnered last year with a local nonprofit organization called Comtrea to transform an unused section of the middle school into a center that provides dental and behavioral health services as well as substance abuse counseling.

Blue lockers still line the hallways, but a former science lab now houses three dental chairs and an x-ray machine.

“I didn't plan on it when I went in to dentistry to work in a school but they have space here and I really thought it was a great idea," Suter said.

Excerpt from full article-

Whiston Award winners demonstrate leadership in dentistry, community

The ADA Foundation in August named two Missourians as the recipients of the 2016 Dr. David Whiston Leadership Awards.

Dr. Nathan Suter of Arnold, Missouri, received the Dr. David Whiston Leadership Award and Dhwani Joshi, a dental student at A.T. Still University Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health, received the Henry Schein Cares Dr. David Whiston Leadership Award .

Dr. Suter serves as the Vice Chair on the board of directors for MCOH.

The Mission of the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health is to improve oral health for all Missourians through sound public policy and public awareness. This bold mission will be accomplished through the dedication and hard work of concerned citizens. There are many opportunities to help. One way to help is through committee work. For example, the Coalition Policy Committee recently developed policy goals and action steps to achieve those goals. If you are interested in serving on a committee of the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health or offering your time and talents to assist with specific projects


“I was the first dentist to bring teledentistry to Missouri,” Suter says. “Motivated by what was happening in California, I presented it to the Missouri Dental Board in 2014, asking, ‘Can I do this?’ After researching the topic, the board said it was allowed, with some restrictions. From there, I worked with the Missouri Dental Association and the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health. We proposed language to amend the state practice act, and we put legislation through to get Medicaid to pay for teledentistry.”

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